About me 

My name is Adam Milbourne. I am a professional Shooter and Trapper based and local to the Southern Highlands and willing to travel.

I specialise in hunting all size pests and game, there's no job too big or small. With flexible working hours, from a few hours or as long as needed to suit each job for best results.

I also offer,

  • Wild Dog/Fox/ Feral cat and rabbit trapping For another humane alternative to assist in effective vermin control.  
  • Game camera hire
    Game camera hire has proven to be a valuable source of information for animal management or if you're just curious to see what comes through you're property.  


I have been competitively shooting LAS (lever action Silhouette) with the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) where I have achieved 'Master Grade' rank. Here are some recent results.

December 2020 LAS state titles held at Bowral Pistol Club. Placing 2nd overall for the comp/state.

February 2020 True grit at Bowral pistol club, no place Pistol cal, 2nd overall Master grade rimfire, 2nd overall in rimfire and 5th for the competition. 

January 2020 Canberra Australia Day Shoot,
5th overall in 3 gun (the competition) 1st AAA Air Rifle, no place RMS, 1st AA Centre fire.

December 2019 NSW State Titles,
3rd overall for the competition, 1st master grade 1st overall in rimfire, 5th in Pistol cal.

October 2019 Tumut 2 day shoot
2nd in master grade and 2nd overall in clas rimfire silhouette. 

Benefits of using a Professional shooter and Trapper

  • I don't use poison baits, which have the potential to harm native wildlife and non target species
  • Through shooting the target pest is 100% identified 
  • Unlike baiting shooting is a fast, effective and humane solution with the immediate dispatch of the target pests
  • I am fully licenced, Accredited and insured.


  • rubber/soft jaw traps ensure the well being of the targeted species by catching and holding and not causing  unnecessary harm.
  • great for catching older, wiser ,gun and or spotlight shy pests.
  • use around residential areas, stock and dams, etc, were other methods of pest control are to dangerous or not permitted. 
  • once set traps are checked regularly to ensure the welfare of the animal with quick/instant dispatch or release in the event of non target capture.
  • once set traps can remain active 24/7 if need be to catch target species when ever they become active. 
  • very environmentally friendly with no chemicals or poisons. just a little bit of loose soil.